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May 11 2014


Shia Labeouf Struts Matchy-matchy Neon Workout Gear?but Did He Burn His Famous Brown Pants?! | E! Online

Shia LaBeouf 8, 2014 go here 7:24 PM PDT Loading... So Shia LaBeouf does own something other than a pair brown skinny pants . The actor stepped out for a private gym session in Hollywood earlier today, and while his biceps deserve some attention (hello!), Shia's workout outfit was the main attraction. Showing off his talent with color coordination, LaBeouf wore aqua blue high socks with matching shorts, a neon green tank and colorful Nikes. The 27-year-old, who was holding a jump rope max workout in the photo, has always been about his fitness ( including boxing !). ? Shia LaBeouf (@thecampaignbook) May 7, 2014 Shia recently made his return to Twitter after a long hiatus from social media. After posting "Out of Office" business cards in April, LaBeouf finally resurfaced with a cryptic message. Alongside a black and white photograph of a pair of pants caught on fire while on a grill (gosh, we hope its not the brown skinny pants!), Shia writes , "FLAME: - hot glowing body of ignited gas - to post vitriolic ELECTRONIC messages - to burst forth with strong EMOTION." What does that even mean?
More http://www.eonline.com/news/540279/shia-labeouf-struts-matchy-matchy-neon-workout-gear-but-did-he-burn-his-famous-brown-pants

March 25 2014


A Vegetarian Diet Plan For Bodybuilders

Get ripped with this vegetarian bodybuilding workout diet plan In this article, nutritionist Priya Kathpal has devises a sample diet chart for them. Though the diet tips will come in handy to help you figure out what kinds of foods you should main page eat, this sample chart lists what you should eat for each meal. But keep in mind, Amounts vary from person to person as bodybuilders have a huge appetite to maintain the muscle mass and keep them going for read this intense workouts. Protein requirements are highly dependent on the intensity of the workouts, warns Priya. You may also like... Khichdi 4 reasons why it is more than just comfort food!
Read more: http://health.india.com/fitness/a-vegetarian-diet-plan-for-bodybuilders/

February 16 2014


An Effective Bodybuilding Program For Women Over 40

Jill Nelson The exercises can be done at home, and the author explains them step by step so that anyone can practice them correctly. Because, in general, people of a certain age are afraid of using weights, Kriss Brooks also shows the readers how to train safely with them and how to prevent any image source form of injury. The Options Strength Fitness Program can be followed by anyone, and the exercises start with the beginner level. Another important aspect the author has taken care of in her guide is related to the barriers people have when it comes to physical exercise. Theres that voice that whispers in your head you cant do it, its too late for bodybuilding exercises, or why bother. This book will help you identify these practical and emotional barriers and eliminate them one by one. After all, the first step to becoming the person you want to become is to change your perspective on age and the physical exercises you can more info practice. There is no such thing as too late for bodybuilding, because we all deserve to have a strong body no matter how old we are.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/an-effective-bodybuilding-program-for-women-over-40

January 31 2014


Aol.com Article - Twins Test Out Experimental Diet

The twins conducted the experiment for an upcoming television program on BBC's 'Horizon.' The diet lasted for one month. Besides their restrictions, the self-proclaimed gluttons were allowed to eat as much as they wanted and exercise the same amount as usual. Shin Ohtake So, what happened? 'Both lost weight, but were miserable in the process.' Alexander wrote about his experience for Daily Mail . He shared that on the no-carb diet he was slow, tired and had terrible breath. He said Chris, on the low-fat diet, was never full and always snacking. Alexander concluded they were going about it all wrong, saying: 'If company website you want to lose weight it will be much easier if you avoid processed foods made with sugar and fat.
Source: http://www.aol.com/article/2014/01/29/twins-test-out-experimental-diet/20818898/

January 21 2014


Erin Andrews Is Happy That Richard Sherman Lost His Mind In Postgame Interview

(USA TODAY Sports) He looked up, to learn more realized it was go to website me and he gave me this giant bear hug because he was so excited And he hugged me so hard I hit my chin on his pads. It was a raw, passionate, candid moment. Thats how pumped he was. Immediately following the interview and all day Monday, Twitter erupted with negative commentary on how Sherman handled himself, when really he was just riding on adrenaline because he made the play to send his team to the Super Bowl. Its the kind of moment reporters live for. You expect these guys to play like maniacs and animals for 60 minutes, she said. And then 90 seconds after he makes a career-defining, game-changing play, Im gonna be mad because hes not giving me a clicheanswer, Thats what Seahawks football is all about and thats what we came to do and we practice for those situations. No you dont. That was awesome.
Source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/01/erin-andrews-happy-richard-sherman-interview/

January 11 2014


Va. Doesn?t Need Another Mental Health Task

Are Virginia legislators so dense that they need yet another expert panel to tell them whats wrong? Four major studies, from 1997 through 2000, in Virginia each identified the same problems and made similar recommendations. Yet the system remains a mess. Why? Outgoing governor Robert F. McDonnell (R) appointed the newest panel after the November stabbing of state Sen. Creigh Deeds (D-Bath) by his son , Austin, had me going who then killed himself. A local mental health official said afterward that Austin had not been treated [read] because no psychiatric hospital bed was available locally. That may have shocked the governor, but it wasnt a surprise to those of us with family members who need mental health care.
More: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/va-doesnt-need-another-mental-health-task/2014/01/10/3fffaa14-78bd-11e3-8963-b4b654bcc9b2_story.html

January 10 2014


What To Eat During Your Periods: Diet Tips

Some of you may even experience some depression pangs leading to anger and anxiety. Add to that cramps, weakness and nausea, and you end up wishing for a magic wand to make it all go away. Many women out there are not even able to perform their routine tasks for the first two days. Owing to the pains and cramps, many of you find it difficult to eat and end up avoiding food altogether. YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO READ: Tips http://recreer.info/?tag=the-jbss For Rash-free Periods This, however, can only cause health problems in fitness the long run. Read on to know what diet to follow during those painful period days. If you follow a good menstruation diet, it will help you increase your stamina, allow smooth functioning of your organs and lower the pain that you generally experience. This diet is made of certain foods that build in the necessary energy.
Read more: http://www.boldsky.com/health/diet-fitness/2014/what-to-eat-during-your-periods.html

January 07 2014


Sport Chek Signs Multi-year Strategic Partnership With Canadian Nhl Superstar Steven Stamkos

The unique partnership includes exclusive behind-the-scenes digital content of Stamkos' journey as one of the elite players http://kristasnockplace.beeplog.com/blog.pl?blogid=292168 in the NHL, as well as appearances at Sport Chek stores and events sponsored by the retailer. The partnership will support the entire business group of FGL Sports, including Sport Chek, Sports Experts, National Sports and Pro Hockey Life. As part of the Canadian Tire Family of Companies, the partnership also allows for Stamkos to represent Canadian Tire throughout the term of the partnership, although the initial focus will be for Sport Chek, the Official Sports Store for Canada's Olympic Team. Stamkos will also become an Ambassador for Canadian Tire Jumpstart, a program dedicated to removing barriers so children can participate in organized sport and recreation. "I am excited to be joining the Sport Chek and the Canadian Tire Family of Companies. As a workouts kid growing up in Canada, I know how Canadians admire and trust the brands," said Steven Stamkos. "It is my hope that by working with Sport Chek, we will be able to inspire millions of Canadians to live healthy, active lifestyles and gain all the positives that come from sport." "There are very few athletes that match the dedication, passion and commitment of Steven and we are grateful to be working with him," said Michael Medline, President of Canadian Tire Corporation. "Steven Stamkos is young, digitally savvy and one of the best hockey players in the world. Everything we do with Steven is going to have digital content at the heart of it - and Steven has offered us incredible access to exclusive content for our customers." "Steven had recently suffered his injury when Sport Chek called to express their desire for a long-term partnership," said Don Meehan, the agent for Stamkos and President of Newport Sports Management Inc.
Full story http://online.wsj.com/article/PR-CO-20140106-908108.html

December 18 2013


Working Hard To Look This Good! Spandex-wearing Kim Kardashian Gets Her Eyebrows Done After Intense Gym Workout With Pal

Lots <a href=Shin Ohtake Max Workouts pdf of girl time: Kim and Blac also went shopping together on Friday in Woodland Hills, Ca.' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Her legs looked toned in the tight black spandex tights, and she paired the leggings with an expensive pair of black and white trainers her weekend workout. Chyna wore a long red fright wig and construction boots, and didn't leave out her signature diamond cheek studs. The friends drove from the hotel to the salon in Chyna's $125,000 new Mercedes G-500 SUV. Sweet ride: Blac did the driving Sunday in her $125,000 vehicle Things in common: Kim and Blac are both in relationships with rappers and are new mothers Kim's little sister, Kylie Jenner, was given the same model of car in August for her 16th birthday. Chyna, a former stripper, is in a relationship with rapper Tyga. The couple now has a son, King Cairo Stevenson, and are engaged - as are Kim and Kayne. The gal pals - who met through their rapper fiances - also took a break from pressing mommy duties on Friday when they went shopping at Neiman Marcus in Woodland Hills. Lots of girl time: Kim and Blac also went shopping together on Friday in Woodland Hills, Ca. Although the two might appear a little mismatched, they seem to be getting along.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2524380/Kim-Kardashian-gets-eyebrows-intense-gym-workout-pal.html

December 10 2013


Cardio Burns More Fat Than Weight Lifting

Lifting weights helps build and maintain strong bones and helps prevent the gradual loss of muscle that comes with aging. Weight training may not be the best way to take the weight off initially, it does help adults keep it off, saysDr. Melina Jampolis, a physician nutrition specialist and CNN's diet and fitness expert. And though having added muscle may not burn as many calories as once thought, it does pay off over time. If you are short on time and are not dieting, cardio is better for weight loss in the short-term, but we dont know in the long-term. And in my opinion, to maintain weight loss and achieve optimal health, strength training is still very important, explains Jampolis. But some have to get the weight off first before we max workout can then turn their attention to keeping it off, Willis free says.
Full story: http://thechart.blogs.cnn.com/2012/12/17/cardio-burns-more-fat-than-weight-lifting/

December 02 2013


The "texas Shredder" Tops 2013 Natural Bodybuilding Poll

The Texas Shredder gets the votes! Rico is a frequent guest poser spreading the word about natural bodybuilding and is author of the popular book Evolution of a Champion. The champ hasnt competed much lately, but (visit) thats when hes most dangerous. Will 2014 see his return to glory? This years top five: 5. Philip Ricardo, Jr. Others receiving votes in random order: John Hansen , Lawrence King, Dave Hannah, Kiyoshi Moody , Benny Mobley , Paul Iatomasi, Smiley Elmore, Jr. , Rob Hope, Jean Paul Malabar, Tommy Jeffers, Bill Mathews, Tim Martin, Brian Whitacre, Joe Christiano, Doug Miller , Nate Williams, Guy Addison, Robert Johnson, and Rich Lauro. Its all about votes.
Full story: http://www.examiner.com/article/the-texas-shredder-tops-2013-natural-bodybuilding-poll

November 18 2013


Home Workout Videos Help Ireporter Lose 200 Pounds

Privitera couldn "I hit rock bottom." Father's nursing home inspires son to lose weight After the race, Privitera and her husband, Justin, had an honest conversation. He told her they couldn't afford weight loss surgery or food supplement programs, and she would have to lose weight the old-fashioned way. She agreed and embarked on a journey to lose more than 200 pounds in just visite site over two years. Her first step was to get active. Privitera invested in read this cardio visite site DVDs and started working out at home. She felt too embarrassed to go to a gym and felt that personal training was too expensive. "The videos showed results that gave me hope, so I gave it a shot," she says. In the beginning, she was losing 10 to 12 pounds a month.
Full story: http://www.cnn.com/2013/11/18/health/weight-loss-rebecca-privitera-irpt/index.html

November 17 2013


Physical Fitness Improves Survival, Prevents Some Heart Attacks

We found that each 1-MET increase in a person's exercise capacity was associated with a 13 percent reduction in risk of death, regardless of whether they had previously had a procedure to open a blocked artery," says co-investigator John W. McEvoy, M.B., B.Ch., a cardiology fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The researchers say their findings highlight the importance of physical activity and fitness among people with coronary artery disease. "Improving and maintaining fitness should be a high priority for patients," says senior author Michael go Blaha, M.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a cardiologist with the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease. "Our results suggest that increasing physical fitness through cardiac rehabilitation programs and exercise may be an effective supplement to medications my website for preventing complications associated with coronary artery disease.
Full story: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-11/jhm-pfi111313.php

November 12 2013


Bethenny Frankel To Farrah Abraham: You Love The Controversy And Attention!

Get to Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Farrah Abraham?s Boyfriend Brian Dawe

Celebrity Blabbermouth Brian Dawe November 9, 2013 1:36 pm . Comments 2 Bethenny Frankel isn't sweating Farrah Abraham's recent appearance on her show and the ensuing trash talk, because in her mind, it's just what Farrah does. Farrah Abraham on Bethenny If you recall (or if you don't), Farrah slammed the supposedly unpleasant experience she went through on Bethenny, calling Frankel rude and judgmental . Bethenny, opines Farrah Abraham in her infinite wisdom, "seems to be in a dark place in her life ...
More http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/11/bethenny-frankel-to-farrah-abraham-you-love-the-controversy-and/

Farrah Abraham?s New Reality Show Will http://bgm.me/r/4274006 Ruin Her Life (VIDEO)

But one person the Backdoor Teen Mom probably didnt see coming on the list of naysayers is her very own boyfriend. When one fan posted a message on Brian Dawes Twitter about Abrahams former Teen Mom co-star and newly-released jailbird Amber Portwood getting her own MTV special post-prison, Dawe couldnt resist venting how adamantly" he is "against reality TV that exploits teenage girls. We'll let him continue... Just more exploitation of troubled people by @mtv, he wrote of Portwoods rumored new special. web site We have to ask, Dawe does know that without Teen Mom on her less-than-impressive resume Abraham would never have been able to add backdoor to her great site moniker, that five-figure deal to her bank account, no one would have ever cared to read about how her "Teenage Dream Ended," and, most importantly, their destinies most likely would never have crossed. The DJs telling words werent lost on another follower who decided to call him out on the fact that he happens to be dating one of those troubled people and also once starred on his own reality showMaster http://harrisldke.sosblogs.com/Blog-b1/Farrah-Abraham-Thinks-Being-A-Feminist-Has-Something-To-Do-With-Being-A-Lesbian-b1-p19.htm of the Mix on VH-1.
More http://www.celebuzz.com/2013-11-11/get-to-know-your-celebrity-blabbermouth-farrah-abrahams-boyfriend-brian-dawe/

Bethenny Frankel Accuses Farrah Abraham Of Using Her To Extend Her 15 Minutes Of Fame!

What Won?t Bethenny Frankel Say In Front Of Daughter Bryn?; Photos From Shop For Success Event How will she feel if her daughter Sophia wants to follow in her footsteps? But she is unlikely to see the error of her ways as long as she stays on this reality fame train. She says the new show is "something educational, cultural, so people can really see what my life is about and what I want to change about it and how great of a person I really try to be." But filming 24/7, as she described, can't be good for her child. She also uploaded a Keek video asking, "What if you were being filmed 24/7, what would happen to you? I think I've been handling it pretty well for over a week now, and I have to say it's been a struggle." I bet.
More http://thestir.cafemom.com/entertainment/163948/farrah_abrahams_new_reality_show

Farrah Abraham on Bethenny Farrah Abraham also added that she has nothing but good wishes for Amber Portwood. I hope Amber can now stay away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier beginning at life. I hope Leah (her daughter) can have a loving mother and daughter relationship, the Teen Mom said. Meanwhile, another Teen Mom is wishing Amber the best. Kailyn Lowry is also on Portwoods side.
More http://www.examiner.com/article/teen-mom-farrah-abraham-blames-gary-shirley-for-amber-portwood-problems

?Teen Mom? Farrah Abraham blames Gary Shirley for Amber Portwood problems

Austin by Mary on November 8th, 2013 Farrah Abraham recently appeared on Bethenny Frankel 's talk show. And she had nothing positive to say about her appearance.Farrah accused Bethenny of insulting her parenting and judging her. Well, I mean who isn't judging Back Door Teen Mom? Furthermore, who isn't Bethenny isolating with her behavior?
More http://www.realitytea.com/2013/11/08/bethenny-frankel-accuses-farrah-abraham-of-using-her-to-extend-her-15-minutes-of-fame/

November 09 2013


Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her 5-minute Mommy Makeup Routine

Khloé Kardashian Odom & Lamar Odom Haven't Reconciled, Sources Say

The Barrymore-Kopelmans | Drew Barrymore "I'm watching two kids and trying to [get ready] at the same time." PHOTOS: The 25 most perfect moments of Keeping Up With the Kardashiansseason eight Wagner AZ/AKM-GSI As for the finished product, we asked whether Mason and Penelope's daddy, her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick , perfers her all dolled up or au naturel. Not that he can go wrong either way... "He likes less-is-more makeup, which still requires some work," Kourtney smiled. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who's been in New York promoting Kardashian Beauty, also lamented missing out on mom Kris Jenner 's birthday celebration last night and Kris' mother-daughter photo shoot with the rest of her brood.
Full story: http://www.eonline.com/news/478372/kourtney-kardashian-shares-her-5-minute-mommy-makeup-routine

Kim Kardashian Stuns In Gorgeous Beachside Family Photo Shoot In Malibu

kardashian photoshoot "Khloe is very frustrated when it comes to Lamar. The fact that he doesn't seem to care to shape up makes Khloe act like she is over him." Another source confirms they are not in a good place. "Khloe doesn't know how they'll ever be a happy, married couple again," says the insider. "She is very hurt that he's lied to her about being clean. And she's made it clear that he can't spend time with her family until he is." A rep for Kardashian did not respond to a request for comment.
Full story: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20752613,00.html

| X17Online Get Entertainment Newsletters: Subscribe Follow: Celebrity Skin , The Kardashians , The Kardashians , Kim Kardashian Weight , Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot , Kardashian Malibu Photo Shoot , Kardashian Photo Shoot , Kim Kardashian Family Photo Shoot , Kim Kardashian Malibu , Kim Kardashian Photos , Kim Kardashian Post Baby Body , Kim Kardashian Sexy , Kim Kardashian Weight Loss , Entertainment News Kim Kardashian is looking sexier than ever in a new photo shoot featuring -- who else? -- her younger sisters and mother. On Monday (Nov. 4), the Kardashian-Jenner clan were out in full force for a photo shoot in Malibu. X17Online's photographers snapped a sneak peek as Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and momager Kris all posed in beautiful dresses by the ocean.
Full story:

October 26 2013


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