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What To Eat During Your Periods: Diet Tips

Some of you may even experience some depression pangs leading to anger and anxiety. Add to that cramps, weakness and nausea, and you end up wishing for a magic wand to make it all go away. Many women out there are not even able to perform their routine tasks for the first two days. Owing to the pains and cramps, many of you find it difficult to eat and end up avoiding food altogether. YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO READ: Tips http://recreer.info/?tag=the-jbss For Rash-free Periods This, however, can only cause health problems in fitness the long run. Read on to know what diet to follow during those painful period days. If you follow a good menstruation diet, it will help you increase your stamina, allow smooth functioning of your organs and lower the pain that you generally experience. This diet is made of certain foods that build in the necessary energy.
Read more: http://www.boldsky.com/health/diet-fitness/2014/what-to-eat-during-your-periods.html

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